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I hope your kid enjoys this app and learns something by it! I’m an independent developer trying to survive and your feedback is extremely valuable to me. I’m so happy you downloaded my app and a short review would really make my day! Thank you for your support!

Antti Lehtinen
Developer and a Father of Four Daughters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I restore my purchases?
A. Start the purchasing process normally just like the first time, but select “Restore” from the popup dialog and go on from there. It doesn’t cost anything. It will restore all non-consumable items you have purchased before. You can restore your content on all your devices by using the same Apple ID that was used when the purchase was initially made.

Q. Why I can’t hear any sound?
A. There might be several reasons. To fix it, please try the following things one at a time to see what helps:
– Make sure the mute button on the side of your device is off (do you hear sound in other apps?)
– Make sure the mute button inside the app is off
– Shut down the app completely and start it again.
– Restart your device
– If you still can’t hear any sound, resetting your device settings might help:
– (Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings)

Q. How to start playing?
A. First tap “Play” in the main screen. Then drag the princess to any star and then tap the magnified star to start solving a maze. You can also go to the castle the same way: First drag the princess to the castle and then tap the castle. At the castle you can see all the ponies and fairies you have rescued!!!

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