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Monster House App

Monster House app for kids

Thank you for creating this game!
– Isla

Available on the App StoreWelcome to kids’ monster house! Play exciting activities among a variety of monsters that are just a little bit scary ;). Explore a haunted mansion filled with all kinds of quirky monsters and exciting mini games!

Key Features

  • Monster house with 10 rooms full of Halloween themed mini games!
  • Unique artwork and professional voice over!
  • Free to try with one in-app purchase!
  • For 5-9 year olds!
  • Only for iOS!
  • Universal!


Make a witches’ brew!

Monster House Witches brew


Explore an Egyptian tomb and release the mummy!

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Monster House Game for kids


Treat and sick monsters!

Halloween Game for Kids


Welcome to the Monster House!

Halloween app for kids

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