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Lander Hero

Lander Hero is a polished and well-made physics game. It may be tough, but it’s never frustrating – even after you’ve seen the words ‘Restart/Quit’ for the twentillionth time.
– Pocket Gamer

Available on the App StoreLander Hero is a lunar landing game with a twist. You have to pilot a spacecraft to a landing platform, but that’s only part of the problem. Lander Hero combines the classic lander gameplay with physics puzzles. Besides the landing, you have to collect power-ups and face physics challenges ( structures, moving boulders, bombs, force fields etc. ) before you run out of fuel. Lander Hero is inspired by the classic Lunar Lander game.

Key Features

  • 50 levels across three different planets!
  • Classic Lander Gameplay!
  • Realistic Physics!
  • Every level is a unique hand-crafted challenge!
  • Universal!

iPad Screenshots

iPad Game: Lander Hero
Lunar Landing
The Best Lunar Landing Game for iPad

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