iPad Game: Kids Pony Labyrinth

This fun game can help kids improve their judgment, reasoning skill and inspire their imagination. Through trial and error, kids learn how to find a way through in such confused maze. And the dreamlike graphic inspires their imagination and kids use their imagination to create the life of their dreams.
– KidsPlay123

Available on the App StoreKids Pony Labyrinth is for all the little girls who like princesses and fairy tales. Ponies and fairies are lost in the woods and you must help the princess to find them. You must solve dozens of labyrinths in the woods to find the lost characters and bring them back to the castle.

Key Features

  • 30 labyrinth mazes to be solved!
  • Cute fairies, unicorns, and ponies to find!
  • Simple physics gameplay designed for toddlers and young girls!
  • Universal!
  • Free to try with an In-App-Purchase!

iPad Screenshots

Labyrinth Maze App for Kids
Fairy and Pony Game for iPad
Kids Labyrinth App
Princess Pony Game for Kids

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