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Kids Game for iPad

3 yr olds favorite! – Of all the different games I’ve gotten for my 3 yr old nephew, this game holds his attention the longest. He likes doing the puzzles and searching for the 10 different hidden animals even though he already knows where they all live. Well worth purchasing. The graphics are adorable and the interactive world is a lot of fun.
– Ashalye

Available on the App StoreKids Game is an unique experience for the kids. The 3d artwork of the game is different and the fun adventure is like no other. It’s a hide and seek game in a highly interactive fairy tale land. Baby dinosaur must find her hiding animal friends and carry them back home.

Key Features

  • Unique gameplay and unique 3d artwork!
  • Two activities: Hide & seek game and jigsaw puzzles!
  • Lot of touchable elements!
  • Universal game!
  • Free to try with an In-App-Purchase!

iPad Screenshots

iPad Kids Game
iOS Kids Game
iOS App: Kids Game
iPad Game for Kids and Toddlers

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