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Kids! - iPad game designed especially for young kids and toddlers.

This is an iPad app that brings something extra. After completing puzzles, kids can play with the pieces in a bouncy house and other environments. There are way too many puzzle apps out there that are nearly identical; this app adds the special touches which make it magical.
– RoseJammies

Available on the App StoreKids! iOS game is filled with puzzles, animals, and activities designed for toddlers and young children. There are several activities and lots of funny animal puzzles in three categories: tropical fish, insects, and forest animals.

Key Features

  • Lot of puzzles!
  • Tropical aquarium!
  • Physics activities: Bouncy castle and swing!
  • Feed the Phoenix mini game!
  • Universal!
  • Free to try!

iPad Screenshots

Kids iPad App
iPad App for Kids
Animal App for Toddlers
Kids Aquarium Puzzles on iPad

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