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iPad Kids App

Daughter loves it! My 2 year old loves this. Good animation, sounds and music, cracking those eggs is addictive to see what pops out!
– Jorc7

Available on the App StoreKids is a cute piñata game for toddlers. The idea of the game is to break the piñata Easter Egg and reveal the cute monster inside. There is endless amount of Easter eggs and the monster surprise will be different every time. The monsters are randomly generated and there are over 200,000 possible variations. The simplicity of the gameplay makes it perfect choice for toddlers!

Key Features

  • Endless amount of piñata Easter eggs!
  • Cute monsters with over 200,000 variations!
  • Simple physics gameplay designed for toddlers and young kids!
  • Universal app!
  • Free to try with In-App-Purchase!

iPad Screenshots

App for Kids
Easter Egg App for iPad
iPad App for Toddlers
Cute Monster App for Kids

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