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iPad Game: Racing with Zombies

Good game – It’s pretty entertaining, it’s not the greatest game I have ever played but its fun and I can’t find anything wrong with it. So that to me, is worth 5 stars.
– Belligerent

Available on the App StoreRacing with Zombies is all about high speed racing and zombies. The goal simple, drive as far as you can while keeping the zombies under control. You can run them over or blast them away with various weapons such as minigun and rocket launcher. It’s a casual driving game with simple tilt controls.

Key Features

  • Fast-paced driving through zombie hordes!
  • Powerful weapons: minigun, rocket launcher, lasers, and pulse cannon!
  • Retina graphics for all devices!
  • Free to try with an In-App-Purchase!

iPad Screenshots

Driving Game with Zombies
Racing with Zombies iOS Game
Zombie Game for iPad
Zombie & Driving Game for iPhone & iPad

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